How to send Substack newsletters to your Kindle

7 September 2020

If you are anything like me you are subscribed to a few Substack newsletters. Trying to read them without distraction is near impossible, with our attention always being sold to the highest bidder. Notifications, advertisements, and engineered dopamine hits. The 1960s ‘Mad Men’ have evolved into data mining analytical monkeys. It seems the only place ‘Mad Men’ can’t get to is my Kindle Oasis, and for that Amazon, we Applaud you. My Oasis is the only place I can breathe and read in peace, so that’s where all my Substack newsletters get sent automatically.

How is that possible? well, Amazon hasn’t made it easy. The typical method looks a little like this…

Download each newsletter you receive into PDF or HTML, run it through a third-party application to convert it to a compatible Kindle format like Epub or Mobi on your PC, then send it to your Kindle through Amazon’s Kindle Email. Obviously this is not automatic.

Time spent doing it manually is approximately 10 minutes per email.

This is too strenuous. We preferer an automated solution like Blindle.

Using Blindle you have two options…

Option 1: Sign up to Substack Newsletters with Blindle’s Email

Step 1: Get a Blindle Account

Go to and log in with Amazon. The app is currently in beta so it’s free for the meantime.

Step 2: Get your Blindle email address

On your Blindle dashboard, select “Account”, then scroll to “Email Newsletters”. 
You can also just click this direct link:

You will see your new Blindle email address, something like;

Where to find your Blindle email address for Substack

Step 3: Sign up to Substack newsletters

Now that you have gotten your Blindle email, just sign up to any Substack newsletter with it and you will receive all your newsletters on your Kindle. Blindle will also forward the newsletter automatically to your Amazon Email address so that you have an email version too.

Subscribing to a Substack newsletter using your Blindle

Option 2: Redirect Substack Newsletters to Blindle’s Email

Step 1: Follow Step 1 & 2 in Option 1

Follow up-to Step 2 in Option 1 to get your account setup and to acquire your Blindle email address.

Step 2: Add a Forwarding Address

We are going to assume that you are using Gmail, if not, the steps should be similar enough to follow anyway.

On Gmail, Go to “Settings” (you may need to click “View all Settings”) then “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.” Select “Add a forwarding address” and enter your Blindle email address. Follow the Steps.

Any verification mail will be forwarded to your Amazon Account Email you signed up with.

Step 6: Set up Substack filter

On Gmail, go back to “Settings” and click “Filters and Blocked Addresses.” next to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”.

Then click “Create a new Filter”.

If you are wanting to send specific writers to your Kindle then put their Substack email in the form “From:”, For example;

Otherwise forward all Substack mail by entering list:(* into the “Has the words:” form.

After that click “Create filter”

Then select whatever Option you want on the next page, but be sure to select “Foward it to” and select your Blindle email address.

Finish by clicking “Create filter”

So that’s it. Now you can read any Substack newsletter on your Kindle.

Blindle has other features such as Sending Articles to your Kindle and Subscribing to RSS Feeds. Be sure to go check them out.

We’re always bringing out new features to enhance your Kindle experience so stay tuned.